Internet Marketing


Internet Marketing

Internet is a global network connecting thousands of computers together. Now-a-days all the countries are linked in order to exchange data, information and news among them. It is a collection of many resources and services.

Internet marketing means marketing various services and products over the Internet. It is also termed as e-marketing, online-marketing, web-marketing or i-Marketing. Internet has brought media to the accessible by the global audience. Internet marketing interacts with people by providing instant responses to their queries. Internet marketing is has a broad scope because it not only refers to marketing on the Internet, but also includes marketing done via wireless media and e-mails. Internet marketing brings together the technical and creative aspects of the Internet, which includes designing, development, sales and advertisement.

Internet marketing by Plant Future

Many search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others are playing an astral role in shelling out information to the layman consorting to their needs. Most businesses expect instant results of their business prospects which are possible only by search engine optimization. With the evolution of Internet the strategies of marketing has taken a new direction and it can be bestowed only by the strategic planning of the organization. Plant Future Internet marketing team is well versed in nuances of Search Engine marketing and internet advertising tactics – We at Plant Future, provide sustainable results in search marketing. This is done by:

  • Create good online reputation for your business and making them
  • Steering traffic to your site
  • Identify and categorize potential customers and partners
  • Understanding the psychology of the customers

Our Marketing Service
Our services include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (Pay per Click), and Social Media Marketing (SMM), Link Building campaign, Content/ Article Marketing in addition to these we deliver custom SEO solutions to our clients.

Plant Future Internet marketing services include:

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is the basis for a long run Internet marketing strategy. A good SEO strategy merges with the technical aspects (on-page optimization) and the human aspects (off-page optimization) or the social aspects in an unbiased manner.

Pay per Click
Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising model used by internet for many websites. In this process the advertisers pay their host only when anyone clicks on the ad. Advertisers usually bid on relevant keyword phrases based on their target market. Content sites usually charge a flat price per click.

Social Media Marketing
Generally, websites reside in the public space of web. Social media marketing is a defense term for all activities which enhances the popularity of your website with other interaction with sites within the several social networks in the internet. Social media can relate to types of media which are generated by the user and it is consumed by the users in turn. Some admired social media marketing tools are - RSS feeds, Blogging, Book marking, Video and photo sharing, article contribution, News letters, press releases etc.

Link Building
Link Building promotion refers to all the activities performed to get approval from other websites on the web. These votes of approval are reflected by the existence of incoming links to a website. It is a finger rule of the ranking process that – the more the number of incoming links, the higher the rank of the website – which in turn reflects in better ranking and visibility of the site.

Article Marketing
Article marketing is one type of internet advertising, where short articles are written for promoting the business. These articles are published in the internet for business promotion. Each article includes contact information and references of the author and business. Content articles which are well written are distributed freely and have a great potential of increasing the business within the related market, and attracts new customers as well.